A Little Introduction

Welcome to my travel blog, Blue Window.

I’ll be filling these pages with travel advice, life updates and most importantly, lots of stuff from my travel diaries – which were written in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, Bali and Australia.

I’ll also be writing about my new adventures here too.

It seems that in my ripe old age of 28, I just want to spend my money on new experiences. Thankfully for me, packing a bag and disappearing half way across the world has become more than acceptable for 20-something’s these days, and I for one couldn’t be more pleased.

That being said, I’m not what you’d call a natural traveller. I have an awful memory, clumsy limbs and embarrassingly weak immune system. But this only goes to prove that if I can travel the world on my own and survive, anyone can.

So, there you have it.




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