3 Reasons Why I Love St. Kilda

It’s been two years since I lived in St. Kilda, the sunny seaside suburb of Melbourne, and lately I’ve been reminiscing about how perfect it is and how lucky I was to be there.

For some reason, at the time, I didn’t appreciate how amazing it was. Probably due a mix of being travel-weary and financially fucked. Yep, adventuringΒ can be stressful sometimes.

Now though, I would love nothing more than to be flown back there for a cocktail on Acland Street and a walk along the beach. Anyone want to pay for my ticket? No?

Okay then.

The Beach


Ahh, the beach. Yes the water is cold, but it’s a beautiful place to sunbathe during the day. Also, there are penguins by the peir. Yes, penguins. The best time to see them is in the evening when it’s about to getΒ dark, and I was lucky enough to spot a couple.

Luna Park is the creepy old vintage fairground that’s located right in front of the beach, and there’s loads of markets and festivals in the vicinity, especially during the summer.

The Trams

Flinders Street Station
Graffiti on Hosier Lane

Probably the best thing about staying in St. Kilda is its close proximity to the CBD (Central Business District). You are literally a 20-30 tram ride away from all the hotspots like Bourke Street, Southbank, Flinders Street and Hosier Lane. Personally, I’m more of a beach person than a city person, so it was ideal having the best of both worlds.

Oh, and a road trip along the Great Ocean Road is a must.

The Food


Oh my, Melbourners know how to do brunch. You are probably never more than two metres away from an avocado. Seriously.

There are tonnes of good cafes in around Acland StreetΒ (which is the main street), and plenty on Chapel Street, which is around 5 minutes by tram. I’ve that Matcha Mylkbar in the new favourite, and I would love to go back and try it one day soon.


Does anyone else have a sweet spot for St. Kilda? Tell me some of your favourite places and indulge my nostalgia please.





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