3 Reasons Why I Love St. Kilda

It’s been two years since I lived in St. Kilda, the sunny seaside suburb of Melbourne, and lately I’ve been reminiscing about how perfect it is and how lucky I was to be there.

For some reason, at the time, I didn’t appreciate how amazing it was. Probably due a mix of being travel-weary and financially fucked. Yep, adventuring can be stressful sometimes.

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Cowshed Boutique Hostel, Isle Of Skye

As you might remember from this post, I recently ventured up North to explore the Scottish Highlands and stay on the Isle of Skye.

It’s always been a bit of a ‘bucket list’ dream of mine as the landscapes are just so beautiful. Plus it’s really remote and peaceful, which is something I often crave living in London.

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Glasgow To Isle Of Skye Road Trip

Last month, I finally ticked off a bucket list dream and went on a road trip through the Scottish Highlands.

After a bit of a hectic summer, I was in need of fresh air and nature, and the highlands definitely did not disappoint. Granted, it was FREEZING, but so so beautiful.

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Download My Articles on GPSMyCity App

Wow, it’s been quite a while since my last post, but I’ve been doing that thing where you try and sort your life out. But I’m back now, with plans for more content and also…some exciting news.

A couple of my most-read travel posts have been turned into ‘article apps’ by the lovely people over at GPSMyCity.

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What I Ate in Japan

Oh Japan. The place where I discovered the importance of Google Maps and my love for all food that happens to be green.

I’m not quite sure why I decided to write this post today, but I think I just enjoy perving at pictures of things that I’ve previously eaten. That green tea ice cream pic was actually the background on my phone for a while.

I wish I was joking.

Anyway, if you’re vegetarian, I hope you’ll find this post somewhat interesting, and if you’re off to Japan soon then you should definitely add some of these dishes to your ‘to eat’ list.

Everyone has one of those, right?

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Om Ham Retreat, Ubud

Last week I spent 5 glorious days being all healthy and wholesome at the beautiful Om Ham Retreat in Ubud.

For some reason in this life, I tend to either be drinking all the green juices and eating all the kale, or I’m a borderline alcoholic living off pizza and cigarettes. There is no in-between.


So, after drinking most of the Bintang’s on Gili T, I decided it was time for some healthiness and detoxing.

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A Quick Guide to Gili T

So, my plans of posting in Bali sort of fell short didn’t they? However, I’m still here for a few more days, so I’m not a complete failure. But things kind of got in the way y’know like beer and beaches and…cat catching.

No that’s not a typo. I really was roaming around Gili T with cat baskets trying to rugby tackle the strays and scoop up the sickly ones. A glamorous life, I know. But it was actually so much fun.

I was there for two weeks (definitely got caught in the Gili T bubble) staying at The Broken Compass Hostel for the first part (highly recommended) and then next door at Kidi’s Homestay for the second part.

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