Om Ham Retreat, Ubud

Last week I spent 5 glorious days being all healthy and wholesome at the beautiful Om Ham Retreat in Ubud.

For some reason in this life, I tend to either be drinking all the green juices and eating all the kale, or I’m a borderline alcoholic living off pizza and cigarettes. There is no in-between.


So, after drinking most of the Bintang’s on Gili T, I decided it was time for some healthiness and detoxing.

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A Quick Guide to Gili T

So, my plans of posting in Bali sort of fell short didn’t they? However, I’m still here for a few more days, so I’m not a complete failure. But things kind of got in the way y’know like beer and beaches and…cat catching.

No that’s not a typo. I really was roaming around Gili T with cat baskets trying to rugby tackle the strays and scoop up the sickly ones. A glamorous life, I know. But it was actually so much fun.

I was there for two weeks (definitely got caught in the Gili T bubble) staying at The Broken Compass Hostel for the first part (highly recommended) and then next door at Kidi’s Homestay for the second part.

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