Travel Diaries: Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh in 2 Weeks

When I look back on my 2 weeks in Vietnam I think of food and motorbikes. Oh, the food. I ate so many amazing things that I’m dribbling on my laptop remembering it all. It also makes me really glad that I take pictures of my food because I get to relive all my best meals. Sometimes it really does pay to be a food pervert. But that’s enough about that.

Motorbikes. There are LOTS of motorbikes.

Yep, it’s crazy. You won’t find road rules, traffic lights or safe crossings in Vietnam. It’s every man for himself. Top tip: just stroll across and don’t hesitate. You’ll be surprised, but the bikes actually slow down for you. If you’re still not confident, do my trick and awkwardly glue yourself to the shoulder of a local. Never fails.

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